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Both you and your kids have places to go -- never in the same place but always at the same time, right? We get it. We’re parents, too. ​

That’s why we created Coolbus, a modern solution to this age-old problem, driving carpool success for your family to get everyone where they need to be, safely and on time. 


Our service will allow families to leverage their own social media networks to find trusted relationships in their community to share the load transporting their kids to all their various activities, leaving you with more flexibility, time, and sanity. Besides, it takes a village to raise a child, right?


We know that kids' schedules can drive you crazy. Let Coolbus take the wheel. 


Download on your mobile device in spring of 2020.

How Coolbus Works

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The Coolbus app connects with each user's social media profiles to create a network of friends in your community who utilize our service. From there, you can use this network to identify trusted relationships in your community who are going to the same locations as you are going so you may coordinate carpools together, giving you more time to focus on other issues (like realizing this week’s homework has officially surpassed your knowledge of basic Algebra and frantically Googling how to help).

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