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Who We Are

Being a parent is a full-time job. Making lunches, coordinating schedules, monitoring internet use, keeping house, and making dinner is exhausting—and all this on top of working  to pay the bills. 


Fitting everything into one day is a math equation that every parent is familiar with and that most parents are spending too much time and energy trying to solve. We know trying to manage everything can feel overwhelming, preventing you from being present for the people and things that you love.


Whether it’s a pick-up from school, a drop-off at dance class, or a babysitter for date night, you need to have a trustworthy, reliable, and sizeable network of childcare options. Relying solely on personal contacts rarely provides you with enough available options (especially on short notice), and no parent wants to put their trust exclusively in an online search for a babysitter. 


Coolbus is here to give you a simpler, better way to connect to and share resources. Because we are all in this together. We built Coolbus on the understanding that the best recommendations are personal. That’s why Coolbus is the only app that uses parent to parent endorsements and shared connections to find quality childcare options. Coolbus takes parents’ existing relationships online, expanding their networks to include other parents and community members who they may not know personally, but who are trusted and endorsed by people who they do know. Essentially, Coolbus amplifies and increases parents’ rolodexes by establishing a broad, visible network of geographically connected helpers to assist parents with their needs. 


Coolbus is the online version of the proverbial village that it takes to raise a child. 

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