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Carpool For Kids... Simplified

Coolbus is a virtual community where busy parents can find reliable babysitters and carpool drivers who are trusted and endorsed by people they know.

Coolbus takes your existing and already trusted real-life relationships and uses our technology to broaden that network, building a larger, high quality community of trusted childcare resources. 


Think about it like this: before Coolbus, you had five people you’d trust to take care of your kids. If they were all busy, you were stuck. Now, with Coolbus, you have those five people that you trust, plus five people that they trust, and so on, and so on. We believe that the most reliable recommendations come from people you know and trust-- we’ve just saved you the leg work of reaching out to friends, relatives and other parents. 





How It Works For Parents

Coolbus – Redefining Carpool Via Relational Connectivity!
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As a member of the Coolbus community, you can post a need for a carpool or ride with the click of a button. Then, the Coolbus trust engine goes to work. Using shared connections, endorsements, trust scores, and location data, Coolbus matches you up with quality options for rides in your community. Every driver that Coolbus recommends is someone who has been endorsed, either by someone you know, or by someone you share a connection with.

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Try Coolbus for free!

How It Works For Drivers

For drivers, the Coolbus trust network is a game changing opportunity. Downloading the app is one hundred percent free, easy and straightforward. Once you’ve created your profile, you will be granted access to our large community of parents and families who need your help! Based on your connections, endorsements, trust score, and location, our technology will work to match you up with great opportunities that fit your schedule and needs. And as a driver, there is never any cost for booking through Coolbus. We don’t take any fees or percentages and you keep everything you earn. 


Setting up your profile is free and easy. And unlike other apps, Coolbus never takes a percentage of your earnings. We make connections, you make money.


Set up your FREE profile now.

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