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Coolbus Now Includes Babysitting!

Using our trust network, you’ll now be able to book babysitters in 

the same simple, reliable and trusted way that you already book carpools.

Babysitting is now available! The Coolbus community now includes both carpooling and trusted babysitting options, so that you can find the solutions to all of your childcare needs in one easy place. With just a few swipes, Coolbus will match you with the best possible babysitting options based on connections, availability and how close they are to you.





How It Works For Parents

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Are you the best babysitter in town?

Set up your free profile today!

Are you a parent that needs reliable, trusted babysitters?


As parents, we lead busy, chaotic, bursting-at-the-seams lives. We are constantly balancing work, home, kids, sports, lessons, and more. To get everything done we all need help, but finding trusted, reliable help is hard. So, what do you do? You ask the people that you know and trust if they have any good recommendations. But tracking down those recommendations takes a lot of time. And, what if they’re not available? Enter Coolbus. It’s a simpler, better way to connect parents and babysitters. 

As a member of the Coolbus community, you can post a need for a sitter with the click of a button. Then, the Coolbus trust engine goes to work. Using shared connections, endorsements, trust scores, and location data, Coolbus matches you up with quality options for babysitters in your community. Every sitter that Coolbus recommends is someone who has been endorsed, either by someone you know, or by someone you share a connection with. 

How It Works For Babysitters

At Coolbus, we’re thrilled to be expanding to offer babysitting, not only as a solution for busy parents, but as an opportunity for trusted babysitters. We know how hard it can be to find new babysitting clients the old-fashioned way, and we also know that going through online services can feel dangerous and nerve wrack-ing. That’s why Coolbus is the only app that connects parents and sitters based on personal connections and endorsements.

Other apps use background checks or internet screening. At Coolbus, we believe that nothing can replace personal experience and recommendation. That’s why the trust network works. Because it’s made up of real-life relationships. We’re simply taking the connections you already have and broadening them to match you with more opportunities that fit you where you are. 


Setting up your profile is free and easy. And unlike other apps, Coolbus never takes a percentage of your earnings. We make connections, you make money.


Set up your FREE profile now.

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